March 29, 2019 BEST MASCARA EVER !! ????


Essence ‘Lash Princess’ £3.30
I know I go a bit OTT in this review but I have NO SHAME! This is such a great mascara and its supremely affordable, there is no excuse for you not to buy this ! I would not usually say ‘go buy this’ BUT I am saying it now because I feel very confident that you will enjoy it and I want to share the joy of this mascara.
It gives volume, length and just general SPECTACULAR lashes!
The results speak for themselves – go buy it I WANT YOU TO EXPERIENCE THIS!!
It now is my new favourite mascara.
I will write any updates I may have in the comments below as its still early days and I have heard some people claim that this mascara makes their eyes irritated, possibly from the fibres? I will let you know if this happens to me.

Thank you so much for watching
Anwen xx

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43 thoughts on “BEST MASCARA EVER !! ????

  1. This has been recommended to me a few times and now that I see the brush shape up close I definitely want to try it as soon as I run out of my current rimmel Exxtra super lash mascara which has a similar brush and I like a lot but it's not as dramatic looking on lashes as this.

  2. At first I wasn't sure about your channel and videos but honestly watching this video was so fun!! And your lashes look AMAZING and you are so funny and excited about the makeup which is really what a YouTube beauty influencer SHOULD be like. 10/10 subscribing, and look forward to seeing more awesome videos. ????????❤️

  3. Thank you 4 the finger curler trick don’t know why I never thought of that lol, my daughter told me that an eyelash curler is not good 4 ur eyelashes. Her & I both are mascara addicts ?thx again

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